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CorePak is the innovative new training product from Wayfit Limited. Simple in design, CorePak is an exceptional training tool that is a must have for any sports coach, athlete, personal trainer or fitness enthusiast. Not only is it a safe, easy way of working the core with every movement, but when combined with training drills, CorePak can quickly increase speed, strength, stamina, balance, control and flexibility. It is a functional, ideal way for any athlete or team to maximise their all over body warm up/down, before and after any event. Let CorePak unlock your full potential.

Why is CorePak Different?

There are many products on the market that help strengthen your stomach muscles. These products often advertise as 'builds a stronger core'. Although this is partly true, it would be more accurate to say these product help towards or train one part of the core system. Not with CorePak. CorePak is the real deal. It is so versatile and trains the body through all planes of movement in a constant, unstable environment. Not only does CorePak train the core with every movement, but it can also be used in the same way as dumbbells, barbells, medicine balls and kettlebells, with the added bonus of it being able to shape to your body and be safely thrown about. Enough said!

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We asked Brad 'One Punch' Pickett, WEC fighter and Ultimate Challenge Champion to include CorePak in his training and here is what he thought.

'I certainly wasn't expecting what CorePak brought to the table. Its versatility allowed me to create functional...

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11/10/2009 - WEC cage fighter, Brad Pickett puts CorePak through its paces >>

21/01/2010 - Wayfit official launch of its new product, CorePak! >>

01/05/2010 - CorePak features in the latest edition of PUSH Hockey Magazine.

21/06/2010 - WayFit launches it's all new website.